Additional Classes

In the new year, the RKOC is offering two new classes.  More ways to have fun with your dog!  The winter is long – train with us in our warm, spacious building!  

Due to Covid-19, class sizes have been reduced to ensure social distancing protocols are maintained.

Registration is limited so enroll early to avoid disappointment.

You are required to have a collar that will control your dog and a six foot leash of either cloth or leather.  Harnesses, retractable, chain or rope leashes are not allowed. No one under the age of 16 years will be allowed to handle a dog in the adult classes.  Equipment will be available for sale if you do not have it.  Please wear comfortable shoes. 

Students will be allowed into the building one at a time, five minutes before the scheduled start time.  All students must sanitize their hands upon entering the building.   Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.  Dogs are not permitted to be in contact with students or other dogs.  No other areas of the building will be accessible. Washrooms will not be available.  Due to physical distancing requirements and limits on crowd sizes, no spectators are allowed in the building at this time. 


“NEW” Sampler Class – Fee: $120.
Classes run one hour per week for 6 weeks

Prerequisite: Must have successfully completed the Beginner Obedience class

The RKOC has developed a “Sampler Class” for students who are undecided what to do next.  During this six week class, you will get a preview of different ways to have fun with your dog. 

Week One and Two
Agility will be the focus for the first two weeks.  This class will have an instructor and an assistant who will demonstrate what fun it is to train your dog in agility!  A modified agility course will be set up and you will have the opportunity to work with your dog on, over and under several obstacles. 

Week Three
Everyone loves dog tricks!  This class will provide basic fundamentals for teaching a few tricks.  This is a fun class and your “homework” can be practiced in the comfort of your own home!  Who doesn’t like to show off how smart their dog is to family and friends?  And did you know that you can get a Novice Trick Dog Title without spending months training!

Week Four and Five
Rally Obedience will be featured in the next two classes.  Check out our website description of Rally Obedience!  This class also has an instructor and assistant who will demonstrate what Rally is all about, and the proper way to execute the signs.  A demonstration of the excellent and master classes will be provided so you can see just how much fun the advanced levels can be!  Students will begin to learn basic Novice signs. 

Week Six
Advanced Obedience skills will be highlighted in this class.  Demos by two of our talented members will start it off.   Learn about exercises taught in advanced classes such as the high jump, broad jump, dumbbell work, drop on recall and more.  So much more to learn!!

At the end of the six week Sampler Class, we hope that you will register for a class in one (or all!) of the above disciplines.  A $10 discount will be offered to students who register for an additional class. 

Remember – the winter is long and cold.  Both you and your dog will be looking for something fun to do!


Trick Dog Class – Fee: $80.  Class runs one hour per week for 4 weeks

Prerequisite: Must have successfully completed the Beginner Obedience class

Who doesn’t like showing how smart their dog is!  Tricks are a great way to do this.   And did you know there are several levels of Trick Dog titles all dogs are eligible to earn?   No matter if you are a title seeker or just want to have fun with your dog, this class is for you!

The process of teaching dog tricks puts into play the foundational concepts and techniques of dog training that you learned in the beginner obedience class: consistency, timing, and motivation.
In teaching tricks, we get to practice these techniques and immediately see the results. It also establishes a pattern of learning, teaches skills and focus, is a positive method of training, and promotes a bond between you and your dog.