COVID-19 Message:

The RKOC’s primary concern is human health and safety. We are committed to following provincial regulations and guidelines during a gradual re-opening of the RKOC facility.  

Class sizes have been reduced.  Due to physical distancing requirements and limits on crowd sizes, no spectators are allowed in the building at this time.  Trainers and students are required to practice social distancing.  Masks may be required for some classes.  Students will be informed of this requirement prior to registration.

Students are allowed into the building five minutes prior to the class scheduled start time.  Hand sanitizer and spray bottles are located in the entrance hallway, training hall and by the back door.  Everyone must sanitize their hands upon entry. The hand sanitizer at the building meets the requirements and is registered with Health Canada.

No other areas of the building will be accessible. Washrooms will not be available.