COVID-19 Message:

The RKOC’s primary concern is human health and safety. We are committed to following provincial regulations and guidelines.

All of Regina Kennel and Obedience Club classes are instructed by trained volunteers, who are active members of our club. RKOC wants to be respectful of our instructors and those who use our facility. Please respect the decision of the instructor in regards to wearing masks, social distancing.  We are all individuals with unique needs and opinions.


For  upcoming classes, it will be indicated whether or not masks are required to be worn in the classes. Individuals registering can decide what they are comfortable with before registering for a class. Students are encouraged to sanitize their hands with the product available in the entrance hallway, training hall and by the back door.  The hand sanitizer at the building meets the requirements and is registered with Health Canada. Washrooms are available. Please sanitize what you touch. Please use social distancing in classes.

For all classes, please speak to your instructor before bringing in any spectators.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility in respecting the decisions of the RKOC.~ March 20, 2022