The Regina Kennel and Obedience Club has been in operation since 1916.
We are a non profit club offering many levels of obedience, rally, agility and conformation show handling classes.

Our goal is to provide dog owners with the tools and training  to make each dog a well mannered family member.

RKOC  Core Beliefs: 

We believe in the special relationship between humans and dogs which benefits the individual and society as a whole

We believe in treating  humans and their dogs with honesty and respect 

We believe in the value of our members contribution to our association and to the clients and committees they serve

We believe that dog training, sport and behaviour modification should be based on critical thinking, open inquiry, shared knowledge and humane standards of practice

RKOC Values:

Commitment: We are committed to the interest of dog owners, and a commitment to uphold the high standards of governance and management in the operations of our club according to CKC. We are committed to promoting purebred and mixed-breed dog sports

Service: We recognize the critical importance of our Volunteers to operate the club

Inclusiveness: We recognize that treating each other with tolerance and maintaining an environment that respects and builds on the talents of others is in the club’s best interest

Professionalism: We understand that acting respectfully and responsibly to dogs, people and colleagues will create a welcoming, warm environment

Dedication: We are dedicated to improve the physical and mental health, as well as the well-being of all dogs, dedicated to providing a community of knowledge about dogs, purebred and mixed breeds, to members and non-members through training and social events

Success: We strive for the success of the student/handler and dog team by providing training opportunities by knowledgeable volunteer instructors

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1826 McAra Street Regina SK