What Is Agility

Agility is an activity that both dog and handler will enjoy. Agility involves performing tasks of climbing, jumping, and crawling over, under, around and through various obstacles. Agility can be done for fun or competition.

Fee: $120 for six weeks.  All classes are 1.5 hours in duration of which 15 minutes are for equipment setup and 15 minutes for tear down.   Students are expected learn how to setup equipment, tear down and return to assigned storage spaces.  Any class less than 1.5 hours is benefiting from adjacent class setup and or tear down.


Registration is limited so register early to avoid disappointment.  If you are uncertain which class to register for, please contact the Training Director at 306-359-6909.

Students are required to wear masks in addition to adhering to social distancing rules for all Agility classes.

You are required to have a collar that will control your dog and a six foot leash of either cloth or leather.  Harnesses, retractable, chain or rope leashes are not allowed.  No one under the age of 16 years will be allowed to handle a dog in the adult classes.  Equipment will be available for sale if you do not have it.  Please wear comfortable shoes. 

Students will be allowed into the building one at a time, five minutes before the scheduled start time.  All students must sanitize their hands upon entering the building.   Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.  Dogs are not permitted to be in contact with students or other dogs.  No other areas of the building will be accessible. Washrooms will not be available.  Due to physical distancing requirements and limits on crowd sizes, no spectators are allowed in the building at this time. 


BeginnerFee: $120 for 6 weeks

Prerequisite: Dogs must be at least 6 months old and have completed at least one beginner obedience class

This class covers the basic fundamentals of agility starting with developing strong positive reinforcement to develop right dog behaviours and developing dog control using your body language working you towards off leash handling. Your dog will be introduced to the agility articles including 4 different types of jumps (regular, wing, ascending, and spread), tire jump, flexible tunnel, pause table, dog walk, A-frame and depending on the learning pace of the class introduction to the teeter totter and weave poles. The equipment will be at a training height to ensure that the dogs gain confidence in their approach. Guaranteed fun for you and your dog!


AdvancedFee: $120 for 6 weeks

Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed the beginner agility course and be competent with all obstacles (except teeter and weave poles)

This second level of agility is where you and your dog will really get going!! Primary focus will be on building teeter totter confidence of the handler and dog at a pace for lasting success. Also, develop of the handler and dog weave poles skills for consistency of execution and speed. Introduction and practice of front and back crosses and the use of switch direction commands to prepare an enjoyable speedy navigation of courses. By improving and building on the fundamentals learned in the beginner agility class, jump heights will increase, as will the excitement level in your dog! You will also learn to navigate small courses.


Intro to CoursesFee: $120 for 6 weeks

Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed at least one Advanced agility course, competently perform all obstacles and have a solid recall.

This class will be particularly appealing to those who are interested in competitive agility! In this class, you will learn courses and how to maneuver your dog in the most efficient way to navigate the course. You will have plenty of opportunity to become proficient at front and back crosses as well as teach your dog to work at a distance from you.


Competitive HandlingFee: $120 for 6 weeks

Prerequisite: N/a

In this class you will learn how to be self aware of how your body language is contributing to dog behaviours and plan how to use your body language to effectively control the dog for your best competitive outcomes. Lots of patterns practice and reinforcement to program the handler and dog to achieve “muscle memory” for success in competition. Bring back the course segments you had trouble with in competition to develop and practice patterns for future success. Lots of customized distance work. It is all about what you need to compete at the pace you can handle.

You should be actively competing to title your dog(s) and open to coaching experience and actively seeking constructive feedback.


Course Practice ClassFee: $120 for 6 weeks

Prerequisite: N/a

Week one the instructor will ask students what they prefer – competition or fun. If competition is your goal, the instructor will offer ways to optimally navigate the course and provide constructive feedback to improve execution and time. Practicing distance handling will be included. Depending on the majority of student interest the introduction to AAC games may be done. If your focus is for fun, the instructor will offer minimal feedback. However your dog must be able to perform all obstacles independently.

All dogs will be given equal opportunity in the class.


Beginner Jumpers –  Fee: $120 for 6 weeks

Prerequisite: DOGS must be at least 12 months and have completed at least one beginner obedience class.

This class covers the basic fundamentals of agility jumps and tunnels, and will begin with a refresher of handling techniques such as front, back crosses and switches.  Your dog will be introduced to the agility articles including 4 different types of jumps (regular, wing, ascending, and spreading), tire jump, flexible tunnel. We will focus on team building and putting it all together to run simple courses comprising of only jumps and tunnels.